The world has changed

Customers are shifting from traditional channels to new pathways to buy mortgages

of recent mortgage borrowers did online research before speaking to a leader  
of all borrowers prefer to use an online portal to work with their loan officer
of existing loan borrower perfer completing a home loan application online
of all borrowers are willing to receive pre qualification letter online
Sources: 1. “Mortgage borrowers report increasingly digital experiences”, by Aly Yale; 2. Ellie Mae’s recent Connecting with Borrowers Online study, 2021; Online Mortgage Brokers in the US - Market Size 2003–2027, Mar 2022; 3. McKinsey internal research report
About us
The Mortgage industry is plagued by unpleasant customer experiences, convoluted software, and excessive staffing.
Zeitro leverages modern ML, OCR, and NLP technology to digitize all the mortgage information, then automates the mortgage workflow to by implementing knowledge graph databases to process documents, rules, relationships, and compliance requirements.


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