What’s a Loan Officer?

Very basically, loan officers will assist you throughout the loan application process.


A loan officer (sometimes referred to as a mortgage loan officer) is the representative of a financial institution (like banks or credit unions). As such, they possess a deep understanding of banking industry regulations and loan documentation. They usually act as a direct point of contact for people applying for a loan.

What do they do?

Very basically, loan officers will assist you throughout the loan application process. More specifically, loan officers:

  • advise you about which loans  you’re eligible for
  • recommend your application for approval
  • walk you through the necessary application documentation
  • finalizes your loan application if accepted
  • helps you apply to a different if your application was rejected

Their attentive and personalized care is probably why many people choose to apply for a loan through traditional brokers instead of online lenders. Applying for a mortgage loan is a major, complicated process. Having a knowledgeable person in your corner goes a long way.  

The human connection, however, comes with human disadvantages. Many loan officers are paid through commission fees and they are not immune to bias. They may direct you towards loan options that result in a better commission or that come from a partner institution.  

Do I need a loan officer?

That completely depends on you and your preferences. A good loan officer plays a crucial role in ensuring that your loan application goes smoothly while a bad one can make the entire process even more painful.

Luckily, this isn’t an either/or decision. Zeitro offers all the human expertise alongside digital convenience. Compare hundreds of offers online. And reach out to a loan officer at any time for assistance. Our goal is to empower borrowers with the tools and resources needed to make these important financial decisions for you and your convenience.