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You get highly customized and automated solutions for your business. You have access rates from 30+ top wholesale lenders instantly on our platform. Get real-time rates based on current market pricing, and automatically generate program eligibility decision in seconds.

Why  Zeitro?


Increase in gross profit per loan

With Zeitro you can

Scale Effortlessly, Grow Boundlessly

Expand and train your LO team without the traditional barriers-eliminate lengthy training periods, cut overhead costs, and defy speed limits. With each addition to your team, watch your business’s capacity for success multiply, ensuring that you’re always a step ahead of market demands.

30+ Wholesalers

Access to  30+ wholesale lenders at your fingertips. You can add any lender to meet your needs at no extra cost.

Real-time Rates

Empower your borrowers with accurate rate quotes. You can publish this tool on your website to empower your borrowers with real-time rate quotes.

Self-serve Pre-approval

Self-qualify 24/7 with our AI-powered pre-approval tool, saving your time and effort. Export fully compliant data with our MISMO 3.4 integration.

Data Security

Ensure secure, confidential data with our SOC 2 compliant protocols. Rapidly integrate via API and enhance efficiency with AI-driven document processing.

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