Which is Better: Online Mortgage Brokers? or Traditional Brokers?

Both offer different benefits and complications.

Online Mortgage Brokers

Full-service online lending is rapidly becoming an industry standard, with more and more homeowners and borrowers turning to online lending and loan brokerage services like Zeitro which use computer algorithms to match borrowers with the best loan options for their situation.

  • Lower application fees because much of the process is automated
  • Easier to qualify for a loan because of the huge range of options available
  • Competitive rates that are at least on par with those of traditional brokers
  • Faster processing times because documentation is stored and checked digitally
  • More loan options that cater to a wide variety of borrowers

  • Less hand-holding  and depending on the company, little or no direct human contact
  • Increased risk of fraud because it’s easier for scammers to pretend to be an online service than to pretend to be a major bank

Before providing your Social Security Number or allowing a credit pull, ask plenty of questions, check reviews, and compare multiple offers. Speed shouldn’t be the main reason you choose to use a digital mortgage service. If you would feel more comfortable with face-to-face meetings and don’t mind longer processing times, traditional lending options may work better for you.

Traditional Brokers

Applying for a mortgage loan is a stressful process. There will always be people who prefer lots of hand-holding and validation throughout the entire experience as opposed to filling out an online application alone.

  • Lots of hand-holding
  • Tailored advice and conversations because of the personal/face-to-face interactions
  • Easier to build a relationship with the broker

  • Lengthy, time-consuming loan application and processing times (typically over a month to finalize)
  • Limited loan options which make it harder to compare offers

Traditional mortgage loan providers will likely have to integrate online applications in order to stay competitive, especially in a post-COVID world.

Ultimately, you should choose the option that will serve your particular needs best. And whichever type of lender you choose, prioritize good interest rates over speed or ease.