Machine-driven Processing

From Machine-driven information processing to automatic package generation, Zeitro acts as the central nervous system that minimizes human intervention, shortening the time needed for high-quality and accurate loan origination.

Doc Requests Generation

Generate a list of required documents in seconds with rationale and uses for the documents.

Ready-to-use document requirement email draft to borrowers

Built on a graph database that keeps track of edge cases

Documents Processing

Powered by state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing, Optical Character Recognition, and Machine Learning technologies

Extracts structured data from users’ documents in seconds so that your loan officers can approve loans instantly.

Comparison engine cross-validates user information and automatically sends alerts to loan officers when problematic files are found.

Currently supports more than 12 types of documents, including paystubs, W2, bank statements, tax returns, driver's license, etc.

Income/Asset Calculation

Advanced data capture to fast track the calculation process

Cross-compared with extracted data from user's documents package.

Produces a worksheet that shows every step in the calculation.

Automated Package Generation

Zeitro's proprietary processing system replaces the traditional “stare and compare” quality assurance workflow, reduces clerical errors and turnover time, and processes multiple loans concurrently.

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