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A unique and AI-powered mortgage software suite that seamlessly connects data, loan officers, brokers, and lenders on one digital platform.
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Empowering Every Role

Discover how Zeitro's AI-powered technology can help you achieve your mortgage goals
Real-time Mortgage Rates
Free Forever
Compare mortgage rates from 30+ wholesale lenders in seconds
Automated self pre-approval
Enable borrowers to secure pre-approval by themselves within minutes
Digital 1003 and FNM 3.4
Generate 1003 forms automatically
Get instant answers to your Fannie Mae Guideline questions
Personalized webpage
Develop your brand and attract borrower leads with a personalized webpage
Gain All Loan Officer Benefits
Empower your loan officers with AI-first mortgage technology
AI-empowered Processing
Scale up business without additional processors 
Unlimited Wholesale
Use RateSheet AI to access unlimited wholesalers
Bank Level Data Security
SOC 2 Data Compliance strictly enforced
Effortless Integration
No Pre-Installation needed. Plug and Play.
Market Your Product Nationwide
Loan Acquisition
Broadcast products and rates to all the loan brokers on the platform.
All Sized Wholesaler Welcome
The AI-powered solution makes integration ready in 24 hours.
High quality loan applications
Minimize back and forth between underwriters and processors with AI-powered pre-underwriting technology.

Machine-driven PPE, POS, and CRM enables
Full Workflow Automation

6 hrs
Avg time saved per mortgage application
7 applicants
Avg new customers during the first 4 weeks
12 mins
Avg implementation and onboarding time
25 bps
Avg increased monthly gain-on-sale
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Pricing Engine Supports 20+ wholesale Lenders
  • Instant, accurate pricing at the click of a button
  • Self-onboarding, add wholesale lenders in seconds
  • Overlay & Compensation editing system
  • APIs available for Wholesale and Retail Pricing

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What makes Zeitro unique?



All-in-one PPE + POS + CRM for Brokers
Fragmented systems with multiple logins
Easy, 5-min self onboarding with zero upfront fee
Upfront fee with weeks of training time
Machine Driven Processing
Human Driven Processing
Work with 100+ wholesale lenders
Only work with selected wholesale lenders
Automatically send files to any existing LOS
Manual start a file in LOS
Borrower Relationship

  • Automated Initial Processing
  • 3-bureaus financial review
  • Employment and income analysis
  • Property, asset, and liability analysis
  • LTV, CLTV, HCLTV, DTI calculation
  • Borrower tasks generation
  • Loan documents generation
  • Documents data extraction
  • Loan package generation
mortgage loan origination software USA
digital mortgage software USA
Automated Mortgage Origination Service

The future of mortgage origination

  • Automated Mortgage Processing
  • Automated Mortgage Underwriting (Beta)
  • Automated Mortgage Closing / Post-closing (Beta)
Transform your mortgage experience with Zeitro's innovative AI technology
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Web 1003

Let our AI-powered mortgage technology handle the paperwork for you. Automatically generate approval letters, 1003 Form, and MISMO 3.4 with ease
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Loan Origination

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more borrowers
AI-powered Loan Documents Processing
Automated Financial Review
Bank-Level Data Security
Cloud Storage
100% Web-Based Platform

Transforming Mortgage Origination

Zeitro harnesses the power of Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation to drive the digital transformation of the mortgage industry


Optical Character

Zeitro’s engine specializes in mortgage-specific models, improves continuously, and excels in accuracy and efficiency

Large Language

Refining document interpretation, automating customer interactions, and ensuring higher data precision through natural language understanding

Robotic Process

To automate document verification, file assessments, and information reconciliation
AI-powered continuous learning to stay ahead of the game.


Our Guideline GPT gives you instant and accurate answers to all your Fannie Mae questions. No more manual searching through 2000+ pages of complex rules
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100% Web-Based Platform

Work from anywhere, anytime and handle borrower data on any device with our web-based platform for loan origination.
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